Online Works of Francis Foulkes


You have reached the memorial web-site for Francis Foulkes.

In honour of Francis' many years of partnership in the Gospel with his beloved wife Marjorie, this site will be officially released with the full online text of "Principles of Prayer" on September 6th 2006 - the 54th anniversary of Francis and Marjorie's wedding.

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From his boyhood years, Francis was deeply challenged to study the Bible to gain a true and accurate knowledge of God and His ways and purposes. This, along with his deep commitment to the Great Commission were the major threads of his ministry.

Apart from his own personal passion for studying the Bible, Francis' ongoing desire was for people to study and gain understanding from the Scriptures, and to apply God's principles in their own lives. He wrote commentaries on Matthew, Psalms, and a number of the Epistles - in addition to other publications on specific topics such as prayer.

Francis did not draw royalties for most of his published works, and what royalties he received were generally channelled back into missions, or to champion African national biblical scholars and students. Most of his commentaries were developed specifically for those whose English was not their primary language.

It is therefore entirely in keeping with Francis' ministry and purpose, that where no current publishing agreements prohibit this, his works be made widely and freely available on this website. At the time of his death in December 1997, there were a number of works recently authored Francis, which had not been published. Also since that time, a number of formerly published works have gone out of print. It is therefore our goal, as time and resources permit, to expand the number of Francis' biblical commentaries and other works freely available on this site. We hope and pray that these resources may aid many in their further personal study of the Bible and their knowledge and walk with our wonderful God.

Please note that whilst these materials are made freely available for your own personal study and edification, the Copyrights to these works are still retained, and written permission must first be sought before any material may be republished in any form. The terms and conditions governing the use of the material on this website are outlined in the Copyright section of this website. We request you to respect these conditions.