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Please note that whilst materials authored by Francis Foulkes are made freely available on this website for your own personal study and edification, the Copyrights to these works are still retained, and written permission must first be sought before any material may be republished in any form. The terms and conditions governing the use of the material on this website are as follows:

  • Permission of the Copyright holder must be obtained in writing before any further publication of these materials.
  • Any reformatting of downloaded or printed works or sections thereof must retain the unmodified text of the original document.
  • Any reformatting must show on each section or page the following text: "Copyright (C) by Francis Foulkes. www.ffoulkes.org"
  • Any reformatting must display on each section or page the text of the conditions shown on this webpage

To contact the copyright holder, email copyright @ ffoulkes.org

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